Why isn't any taxidermy for sale?!

Taxidermy (with the exception of certain cervids ie: whitetail, elk) is illegal to sell in the state of Virginia. It's a class 6 felony if its over $200 in a 30 day period. Our permanent display pieces have been legally obtained from our travels out of state. 



Unfortunately not - in the state of Virginia it is also considered a class 4 felony to sell any human skulls, bones or organs - no matter how they're preserved. They're legal to own in VA, just not legal to sell. The written laws or codes may not be black and white, but thanks to extensive legal help and exhausting our professional resources we were able to decipher it for public awareness purposes.


what does ethically sourced mean?

We do not harm any animals for our own profit. We love animals! We see this as an art form, and that all animals we preserve are being given a new life and appreciation. 


Where do you guys get this stuff??

Well, there is no one specific answer for that. We're glad to tell you the story behind any one of our pieces! Our collection is an accumulation of searching, picking, and donations. 


Can I sell you my stuff?

Please email us pictures of items you’re looking to part with // riprichmond@gmail.com. Don't be upset if we have to pass! Some things we either don't have room for.. or theres just not a market for it at the moment. No hard feelings! 


when will this be back in stock?

Some items are one of a kind, so there is no real way to determine that. There are some items in our shop that are a constant. But, we cannot predict the ethical death of the animals we preserve. We take and preserve what we can. When we offer an item for sale, theres no guarantee we'll get it again. It is best to follow us on Instagram to get the most frequent updates. If you see something you like, don't miss out! 


Why is this not available online, but it is in your store?

Not everything you see on instagram/facebook will be available for shipping. If we sold everything online, we wouldn't have our beautiful brick & mortar location. We highly recommend you visit the shop for the complete experience! Please email us if you have any inquiries about items that aren't available online. 


Why do you include shipping in the item cost, and not at checkout?

All items require specific shipping prices. Shipping a wet specimen is way more costly than shipping a necklace. Theres no way to account for that, other than to simply just add it onto the item cost. That way there are no extra fees at checkout (but if you're in the state of VA, we do have to charge sales tax)


How do you preserve your wet specimens?

All specimens are professionally fixed in formalin. They are then transferred to 70% isopropyl alcohol. All of our specimens come with a lifetime guarantee. They will not rot or decay. We include refill instruction cards with every wet specimen order. If you follow our guidelines, you can fully enjoy the longevity of your specimen! 


Can i bring you in something to preserve for me? (dermestid beetle cleaning)

Yes! However, this is a lengthy process. Turnaround is typically about a month. This all depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. Something already fleshed and dried takes a lot less time than something unprepared. These are all factors that contribute to the time and money it will take. 

Please, if it stinks or has maggots/bugs - DO NOT BRING IT INTO THIS STORE. We will NOT compromise our store to preserve an animal for you. All animals we preserve as a commission need to be frozen within a few hours after death if they cannot be brought in immediately. We do ask that you call the shop prior to bringing in any specimens. All animals must also comply with Virginia state and federal laws.

We also do not offer articulation, but hope to in the future!


Can i bring you in something to preserve for me? (wet preservation)

Yes! Again, see above for what we consider acceptable specimens. Turnaround for these are typically around 2-4 weeks. You can choose whatever style jar you'd like, or even bring in your own. However, we will not compromise your specimen to fit it in an inappropriately sized jar. 


is this legal?

Items we sell comply with all state and federal laws. We have proper permits and licenses. There are some states we cannot ship specific animal parts to. That will be specified in the description, but it is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with your state laws before purchasing. 


Can you display/sell my art/creations?

We are not a consignment shop. We prefer to purchase items outright. But if you have something you think would fit our store, it doesn't hurt to ask! 


can you vend my event?

Send all inquiries to riprichmond@gmail.com.  We try not to overwhelm ourselves with vending, we love being at the store!