Rhinoceros Beetle Pinning class

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Rhinoceros Beetle Pinning class


Rhinoceros beetle pinning class

Sunday, June 23

5:30pm to around 7pm

// $100

This is a hands on class by our in-house entomologist Brianna Upton. Learn how to rehydrate, spread, and pin your very own rhino beetle! This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on this meticulous craft.

Class sizes are small to accommodate every individual’s specific needs!

All necessary supplies will be provided. You will leave at the end of the class with your own pinned specimen. Class end times are approximate. Specimens will require a drying period prior to mounting them either in the frame provided by us, or the vessel of your choosing. Instructions on finishing your specimen will be given at the end of the class.

Located at our storefront // 349 S Laurel St, Richmond VA, 23220

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